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Hello! We are Accredited Practicing Dietitian's based on Sydney's Northern Beaches & North Shore. We ensure we offer a safe space & weight inclusive care for all people.  

We studied to be Dietitian's at University. To optimise health & wellbeing for ourselves, our family's, friends and our clients,  we all undertook numerous extra courses in areas such as functional nutrition, women's health nutrition, body image work, eating disorders, gut health, mindful eating, health coaching & paediatric nutrition.

We have a whole food approach to health, that is gentle and individualised. We most of all pride ourselves on bringing a happy medium to the world of nutrition, combining natural therapies with necessary conventional approaches. We are firm believers in the power of food as medicine and strives to bring nutrition back to basics. 

Kim is the founder of Explore Nutrition. She is a mum to three little ones, sparking a passion for women's and family health including hypothalamic ammenhoa, fertility, pregnancy, post natal health & fussy eating in children. She has also worked extensively in the areas of diabetes/insulin resistance (including PCOS) and kidney disease. Kim also has a special interest in and supports many patients with disordered eating and/or eating disorders. She is a huge advocate for body positivity. Combining both her women's health interest and endocrinology experience Kim sees many Gestational Diabetes patients and helps to run a specialised gestational diabetes clinic at North Shore Private Hospital. 
















Elle is an experienced Dietitian who joined our team in 2021. Elle has worked in a range of clinical settings including hospitals and private practice. Elle has experience in a wide range of clinical areas and has a special interest in eating disorders. She has extensive experience in eating disorder management and body positivity, working with teens, adult and male clients. 


Gestational Diabetes 

During a session for Gestational Diabetes we will educate you about what is happening in your body, how food plays a role & how to eat using a whole food approach. This won't be a restrictive diet & we are sensitive to any previous triggers from 'dieting' in the past. 


After a comprehensive assessment  education will be provided for your stage of kidney disease or kidney condition. Meal plans can be developed and support provided as recommendations change based on stage of disease. 


Support & education is provided during pregnancy to:
- Ensure food safety
- Ensure nutrient needs are met, along with individual supplement recommendations.
- Support appropriate weight gain
- Manage symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and reflux.
- Minimise risk of complications such as Gestational Diabetes & Pre Ecclampsia.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Let us help your meet your nutritional needs within your dietary preferences. Education and ideas to ensure 'at risk' nutrients can be met, along with recommendations about possible supplements. 

Post Natal Health

Post natal nutrition advice is highly individualised as every family situation is different. It can be such a challenging time to look after yourself with a baby or young kids. Post natal depletion is a very real and debilitating situation. Breastfeeding support includes management of any required restrictions (e.g. CMP intolerances), meeting nutritional needs, maintaining supply and safe supplementation. 

Bariatric Surgery

Pre & post surgical advice including looking at food behaviours, relationships to food & of course body image.

Eating Disorders

Individual support will be provided to help with your recovery alongisde your doctor & psychologist. 

- Education about food, dieting, psychological & physical affects of undernouirsment 
- Returning to 'normal' eating 
- Supporting body image 


After completing a comprehensive assessment of your health, lifestyle and diet, we will help develop a support to have a healthy balanced relationship to food & your body, as well as provide education about food & eating behaviours, as well as develop sustainable healthy habits.

Fussy Eating - Kids

Let us help you improve meal times at your place and maximise nutrient intake. Strategies involve
- Identification of contributing factors
- Meal time management 
- How to provide food to your child
- Possible background nutrition support

Gut Health

For gut health concerns, we will review digestive capacity, your microbiome, ​possible food sensitivities ​& dysbiosis. 
We also support patients who have diagnosed Coeliac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease etc. We help to designs diets to support these conditions, along with practical strategies and ideas to make things easier. 


Education & support provided for all types of diabetes & all age groups
- Pre-diabetes 
- Type 2 diabetes
- T1DM
- Gestational Diabetes

Consultations will be targeted to teaching you how food impacts your BSLs, as well as addressing eating behaviours, body image & developing healthful balanced lifestyle habits. 


During a consultation for fertility we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of you and your partners health, lifestyle and fertility history. A comprehensive plan will be developed to promote optimal egg and sperm quality, support hormone levels and maximise nutrient levels. Supplement recommendations are included.  

Weight Management 

We don't do restrictive 'diets'. They have been shown over and over again in studies not to work long term. Instead we look to assess and review your eating behaviours, look at your history (from childhood) of food and explore why you eat the way you do. We may provide education and ideas to optimise intake as well as consider your full lifestyle.  Considerations & strategies include:
- Mindful eating concepts
- Macro & micro nutrient needs
- Gut health
- Stress 
- Sleep
- Food education
- Appropriate physical activity levels
- Social impacts
- Habits
- Addictions
- Hormonal imbalances
- Body image
- Motivations


Hormonal Health

Individual support to help manage hormonal imbalances/conditions including 
- Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea 
- Irregular or symptomatic periods
- Post natal hormones

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